Applejack 12 is a changeling in the hapless position of trying to find a job in Canterlot, one of the most stuck-up and racist cities in Equestria (not without reason, with the whole invasion thing still fresh in their minds).  His adventures revolve around finding and subsequently keeping increasingly degrading jobs.


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[1] He's playing Uno with 8-bit, Gaffer, and Screwloose after some discussion about 12 fighting Jetset. 8-bit tells 12 that he doesn't have a chance of actually beating Jetset, topping it off by calling him "Ling-Ling". In response, 12 calls him a racist and makes him skip his turn, an act Screwloose compliments. Gaffer tells 12 not to listen to 8-bit and "if you think you can beat Jetset then Faust be with ya’" before telling Screwloose to draw a four, setting her back and prompting her to call him "the worst kind of soul". He points out that, because she won the last two games, he considers her a threat, to which she responds that she's a bigger threat if she loses. Continuing with that point, she tells 12 that if he does manage to beat Jetset, he's just going to keep coming back for a rematch like he does with changeling 007. Then she tells him to draw a two card, ruining his Uno chance. When 8-bit compliments her no-mercy attitude, she says it's a free-for-all and she's here to win like she always does. Except, as 8-bit points out, when it comes to fighting skyscraper-tall changelings. Which prompts 12 to make him skip his turn again. 8-bit complains, saying Screwloose said she takes no prisoners and it's a free-for-all, but she points out that 12 never took that 'oath'. He calls this out as being "unhealthy" and 12 makes a jab about the amount of cards in his hooves being unhealthy, which amuses Screwloose and sets 8-bit off. [2] He's mentioned by Gaffer as having to take 8-bit to the infirmary. He also mentions that Twelve was injured by stepping on glass. Screwloose gets upset at hearing that, but Gaffer mentions that Twelve went up to Screwloose "put his head on your shoulder for a couple minutes, and walked away completely healed." She didn't notice the healing/love taking part, meaning there's some unconditional love there on her part at least.


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