Berry Punch likes to drink alcohol. She's a drunkard, you see.


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[1] Changeling #77, #88, and Harry the bear arrive as Berry Punch throws up, causing 88 and Harry to recoil in disgust. "Oh dear love it’s everywhere!" 77 maintains composure and declares Berry Punch "under arrest for starting a bar fight!" 88 makes a tired remark and punctuates it with a *Sip* of some coffee she has. Berry claims that starting a fight doesn't sound like her, but remembers that someone punched her in the face. "Shit, I did start a fight." 88 calls it an "open and shut case" and takes another *Sip*, but 77 does a double-take and asks why someone punched her in the face. Berry thinks on it and remarks that it was pretty odd and that there didn't seem to be a reason. 88 tries to punctuate another cliche sentence, but runs out of coffee. Harry wants some, too, but she's not about to give him a freebie with no cash. With a hint of sarcasm, 77 states he's glad she's helping out.
[+] In a followup story featuring Time Turner and Flitter, it turns out the latter punched Berry. She calls it "THE PERFECT CRIME!" but Time Turner deflates her mood by asking "How?"

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