A sentient female phoenix who is part of Changeling 007's hidden love harvesting project. Serves as a scout and Powerpuff Girls reference.

First appeared sometime past thread 180.


Thread 257Edit

[1] Buttercup loudly declares "ME AM BORED!" and starts firing off some bullets. Blossom points out that 007 said not to do that, but Buttercup says it puts her at ease, "It like purring, but pops." Scared, Bubbles asks for her to stop. Buttercup assures her she doesn't need to be scared of getting shot, but Bubbles mostly seems to not like the loud sound. Buttercup says the loudness is how you know it works and fires off some more rounds. Blossom says she just shot a bird, causing Buttercup to freak out and apologize.

After a pause, Blossom reveals there was no bird. Buttercup calls her mean; Blossom calls her loud; and Bubbles just worries about the bird. Blossom repeats that there was no bird, "It trick." It's like if she said there's cake, but there's no cake. Buttercup and Bubbles wonder why she didn't share the cake, prompting Blossom to ask when "Sire" (007) is coming back. Buttercup says he's doing things at the "Cliffplace", then goes back to shooting. Bubbles starting cowering again and Blossom, watching the spectacle resume, says "I'm happy I'm in charge."

[Q] "Like I say there's cake. There is no cake."

[2] Buttercup asks her and Bubbles if she should wear makeup because she wants to be pretty. Bubbles says she is pretty, but she wants to be more pretty. Blossom says lipstick won't work, with Buttercup agreeing(?), saying she wants to look pretty and look like she eats. Blossom suggests she try eye-shadow and when Buttercup says she already has dark eye rims, she responds, "Then it'll hide it when you mess up." Bubbles says "That mean," with Blossom replying that it's honest.

Buttercup gets upset that people conflate honesty with mean things and compliments Bubbles on her nice skin, saying "That am honest but nice, why it must be mean only!?" Blossom tells her to shut up, but Buttercup declares she's the smart one now. Bubbles agrees and Blossom is left with stung feelings.

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