A female pegasus that lives in Ponyville.


[1] Waiting with Roseluck and Blossomforth for their turn to audition for Cloudchaser's play, Lilly Valley says they never should have come. Roseluck agrees since they've been forgotten and Flitter just cut in front of them. Lilly clarifies that they shouldn't have dragged HER here "despite my kicking, screaming, and occasional bite." Lilly denies it was a sex thing when Roseluck asks and Blossomforth is glad because she wasn't into it. Roseluck also totally was not into it (maybe). Lilly then points out that they know she doesn't do well on stage ever since their fourth grade play when she threw up on Roseluck. "The horror… the horror!" Blossomforth agrees, while Roseluck pouts about her being no fun.
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