Once a guard that was indistinguishable from the others, he was promoted to Captain of Canterlot's Royal Guard following an adventure he went on: Pommel's Adventures.

Description Edit

A white unicorn with a blue mane, Pommel looks pretty much like any other guard, barring a scar he has following his adventure.


Thread 261Edit

  1.  Pommel remarks to a guard how weird the orders Celestia gave them are. The guard says "weird" is par for the course with the princesses, but when Pommel says it involves bein ready to fight Marevelous and Matterhorn, the guard refuses. "WAIFU IS LYFU!"
  2.  Celestia goes around declaring several ponies at fault for one thing or another. Dash is at fault for not being a Wonderbolt Captain, Changeling 41 is at fault for not punching Chitania, Bronze Pommel is at fault for a guard being out of step, and Fluttershy is at fault for knocking over some milk. It’s just a teensy bit petty.
  3.  Celestia calls Pommel to report on any good news he has. When she gets irritated by his attempt at levity, he reports that they can’t find Foalington because he doesn’t actually communicate where he is to Magical Crafts. He just leaves short, incomprehensible notes that make gamers angry, but never seems to make them stop buying their stuff until Warplane V and the eventually death of Lunasarts. Celestia tells him to cut the history lesson out and continue the search, which he relents to, saying he’ll send agents to the Badlands borders.
  4.  Pommel asks Dazey if she rented her Peacetrotters just to do things like manhandle Delight. She tells him she didn’t technically rent them out and that they’re under her command and do what she tells them. He says that’s not good use of Equestrian property, prompting her to fire back that they’re not property, but beings with rights. Just kidding! Pommel pleads for her to not confirm her fears of a robot uprising before he dies, which leads her to say that all they need to do is switch them off then on to fix that. He says that’s how you fix a toaster, which is drastically different from a robot, but grows quiet when a piece of toast pops out of her peacetrotter. With her point proven, she munches on the toast and Pommel tells her to stop using her peacetrotters as robo-enforcers. “NEVER!” she declares.
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