The Majesty! The beauty! The prestige!

Too bad it's an absolute mess when you get under the hood. Backed up road repairs, overspending royals, incompetent military and let's not even get started on thier airforce.

Which is why Celestia called in the most level headed friend of Twilight's for a little Alicorn backup... it mostly worked out.

Important CharactersEdit


The main mare herself, and the one making the most headway in repairing the dissuaded state of the majestic country. The nobles give her their ire, the Changelings give her their thanks, and everyone in between gives her their paperwork. It never ends.


Look, doing this stuff for 1000 years means that occasionally you slip up once or twice, you know? And sure, those slips eventually snowball into a problem, but on the whole everything is alright!... Mostly.


Thine policies may be a touch out of date, but that is no reason to be so harsh with thine words!


To Twience, or not to Twience... this has been a rather surprisingly long debate


Number 1 assistant no matter where he goes, be it Twilight OR Applejack.


The most recent Alicorn Princess is still finding her footing, but she's no longer a decadant blob. Yay for progress.


The plot-hounding little guy wouldn't be anywhere else than near the beauty of all those bouncing behinds!


The shellshocked veteran has a lot on his plate. Between watching over his hive when his Queen is away, helping out with the Canterlot guards and seeing his demonically tormented Cheerilee, he's always got something to do.


The only other survivor(thus far) of the dreaded caves, he is currently locked up in the dungeon after attempting to kill Chrysalis in vengence.


Currently on a cross Equestrian adventure.


His robot invasion failed, he's spending time in prison at the moment. A nicer prison, thanks to his recent efforts, but still prison.


The little Spider-Ling, having nowhere else to go, is now taking up residence where ever she can find topside. Her favorite spot is Applejack's office.

Major eventsEdit

Robot Invasion!Edit

Sustained severe damage during the attack via multiple robots, but thankfully had no loss of life.

Gala 2.0!Edit

Temporary ballroom was destroyed via Marchmalley attack.

Chitania rises!Edit

Everything excpet the castle was destroyed, but thankfully every pony was pulled out of danger via Celestia's magic.

Partyland! Edit

A stray bolt of chaos brought life to a toy figure of Chitania. She, in turn, brought to life several dozen plushies. They all attacked Canterlot before being defeated, with the castle being MOSTLY in tact.

Great Changeling Migration! Edit

Following recent terrible events, the relationship between Chrysalis and Applejack broke down, and they realized they couldn't stay there anymore. Thanks to an offer by Cadence, the changelings have moved to the Emprire!

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