Charity is, or was, a Smith & Wesson 500, five shot revolver which serves as the primary armament of Spike, formerly the Russian Roulette gun used by Celestia during stressful moments when she hoped for an abrupt vacation.


Charity was originally a gun brought from the human world by Celestia after learning of such things from Twilight. It was originally used to play Russian Roulette whenever Applejack brought bad news. Despite many attempts though, the gun always clicked on an empty chamber for Celestia, but would fire the loaded one when pointed at anything else.

The first time Spike canonically used it was to convince Mayor Mare to shape up and do her job properly, it has remained at his side since and served as his primary firearm.

At some point, Rarity implanted at magical sigil onto the gun and used it to keep an eye on Spike out of concern for his degrading mental condition, resulting in the gun gaining the name "Charity", which at first spoke through him in a fellceto voice, and many, including Spike himself, figured it was just his imagination. It was after the robot invasion arc that Rarity explained things and Charity/Rarity began to cease speaking through Spike.

After the Robot Invasion arc, Twilight and Rarity proceeded to heavily upgrade Charity into an unrecognizably powerful weapon (for more details, see: upgrades below) and it was upgraded one last time from Rarity post Tournament arc due to running out of both conventional and magical ammunition.



  • 8 and 8/4 inch barrel with rails and muzzle break
  • Reinforced frame
  • Modified for break-action loading (barrel and cylinder swing down in front of the grip to be loaded)
  • Chamber and barrel gas sealing for increased muzzle velocity
  • Bayonet attachment
  • Underslung grappling hook gun attachment with 15 meter cable
  • Laser sight (uses special wavelength of light only dragons can see)


  • Tracking spells
  • Telekinetic recall enchantment (against strong enough opponents like 42, Spike has used this to instead propel HIMSELF towards the gun)
  • Communication enchantment
  • 300 pure magical bullet storage (magical bullets function similarly to full metal jackets)
  • Astral Projection and Manipulation (Only usable by Rarity)
  • Telepathic and Audio communication


  • Self-cleaning enchantment
  • Never-Tarnish-Mirror finish
  • Pearl grip with provocatively posed Rarity engraved on it


  • Despite Charity being only a five shot revolver, Spike possesses an inexplicable ability to load in a sixth bullet, and apparently has never noticed he does this
  • Twilight once provided Spike with an enormous supply of several different kinds of ammo for Charity including explosive, incendiary, cryo, poisonous, and armor piercing. Though the specialty ammo supply has been dwindling due to Twilight's ceased work on weaponry
  • Charity is the only gun shown that was originally from the Human World, rather than based on human designs and built by Twilight, Fawntine Industries, or Diamond Tiara
  • Charity is Vintage quality and cannot be traded