Well, this is entirely too orderly. 

Discord is a draconequus, and the embodiment of chaos itself.  He may have calmed down a bit since Fluttershy became his best friend (an act he's repaid with alicorn status), but that hasn't stopped him from being problematic if the mood suits him.Edit


He spends most of his time hunting Fluttershy clones, though if the mood strikes him it's not at all unusual to see him throwing lives into disarray for a bit of entertainment.

Story Edit

Thread 261 Edit

  1. One of Pinkie Pie’s Partyland workers questions why the Crystal Empire spends more money on Partyland than it does helping anyone in the immediate vicinity. Pinkie’s response is to bring in Discord for a camera wink.
  2. Pinkie Pie reminds Rainbow Dash that they both got blown up this past year, while Fluttershy recounts the fact that Discord got eaten by “god”.
  3. As he senses a strange force, Discord becomes pensive and stares off into the distance during a tea party with Fluttershy. Apparently, she notices it as well and asks him what it is. He tells her it might be the worst thing they’ve ever faced, unnerving her. Trying to provide some levity, he says it’s just Celestia being angry, but she doesn’t believe him and says it felt “bigger” than that. He insists it’s just Celestia, and with a snap of his fingers, cleans up their tea party before teleporting the both of them away under the pretense that they just need to go talk to her.