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Oh dear... um, Angel? Don't turn around. Things have gone... awry.

Princess Fluttershy, um, that is... if that's alright with you.  Formerly a pegasus from Ponyville, she primarily cares about animals and her friends.  Unlike most alicorns, she is not ascended by Celestia or Luna, instead having gained her alicorn powers from Discord.  Said alicornification also may have scrambled something in her brain... or maybe that's one of the oodles of clones that have started cropping up.


Thread 261[]

  1. Celestia goes around declaring several ponies at fault for one thing or another. Rainbow Dash is at fault for not being a Wonderbolt Captain, Changeling 41 is at fault for not punching Chitania, Bronze Pommel is at fault for a guard being out of step, and Fluttershy is at fault for knocking over some milk. It’s just a teensy bit petty.
  2. Pinkie Pie reminds Rainbow Dash that they both got blown up this past year, while Fluttershy recounts the fact that Discord got eaten by “god”.
  3. As he senses a strange force, Discord becomes pensive and stares off into the distance during a tea party with Fluttershy. Apparently, she notices it as well and asks him what it is. He tells her it might be the worst thing they’ve ever faced, unnerving her. Trying to provide some levity, he says it’s just Celestia being angry, but she doesn’t believe him and says it felt “bigger” than that. He insists it’s just Celestia, and with a snap of his fingers, cleans up their tea party before teleporting the both of them away under the pretense that they just need to go talk to her.

Thread 264[]

  1. Fluttershy tells Applejack to set Shining Altmor and Alt-Twilight on fire for what they did to Discord. She's not angry though, just irritated. She'd sic blood-sucking, disease ridden, deformation causing mites on them if she was mad.