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A teenage male dragon that embodies several stereotypes associated with that age range. Serves as Upper Crust's henchman.


Thread 261[]

  1. [OOCO] Final Cut apologizes to Upper Crust (as Polly Prissypants), Suri Polomare (as Chiffon Chapeau) and Garble (as Slag) for Ms. Auteur’s outburst. Upper Crust suggests she might need a vacation, which Final Cut coldly denies. Suri gets things back on track and he opens the trailer so, as Suri claims, they can see the 100% (supposedly) authentic Elements of Harmony. Final Cut nods along and makes a comment about how they were made for a scene where Chitania shrugs off their full power. Upper Crust points out that Chitania was never hit with the Elements of Harmony, but Final Cut says it’s more exciting if the hero makes his triumph after they fail.
  2. Upper Crust is absolutely livid by this, but just barely hides it and grinds out an agreement. Suri spots the case that supposedly holds the Elements and is shocked that it’s empty, which reminds Final Cut that he had them get polished for tomorrow in time for the actors playing the Elements of Harmony to arrive. At this point he reveals that, instead of Twilight releasing Chitania (as Upper Crust points out should happen), Chrysalis releases her over a cake argument. Upper Crust is even more livid and, once Final Cut leaves for a meeting, she vows to rob him blind and burn this place to the ground. The latter makes Garble very happy.