The third in the trio of Morlocks who came up to the surface from their terrifying place down below. The warrior is very short spoken, very blunt, not very bright and very easygoing. He is the brother-by-mate of the original of the new Morlocks, Rekulk, mated to his sister(who is not Vekir), and is one of the three who gained suits so they could walk around in daylight without melting.

Story Edit

He came to the surface with Rekulk and Vekir shortly after the Arana incident, when the head of metal proclaimed they would need a guide, a warrior and a farmer to survey the world above. Being related to these two, Rekulk chose his sister and brother-by-mate.

Partyland! Edit

They journeyed to the flying island in hopes of expanding trade and meeting new relations. They managed to accomplish at least one of those, walking away from that place with new 'friends' in the form of the gryphon royals. During the chaos breakout, he became very fast talking, long winded and incoherent.

Currently Edit

He has returned back to the caves with Rekulk.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He has children, as was mentioned a few times.
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