This is a list of the various changelings in the hive who might not need their own page.

Changelings Edit

Awkwardling Edit

Very little is known about this changeling, other than what is said on the tin. Very socially awkward and very unsteady in any hard situation. Back in the early threads, Celestia wanted her own mildly useful changeling, so she abducted this one and started rubbing her on Shiny's head... it didn't work. However, upon being stranded in the Empire, she asked Shiny for a job. Though he himself did not give her one, she did get one working for a crystal polisher named Miss Glitz.

The Buzz Edit

One half of the duo team, Fuzzy and Buzz in the morning!

~Fuzzy and Buzz in the Morning, 97.1!~

~Let's start the show!~

With his(Former?) guard friend, he brings the latest news in funny, bite sized comedy form.

Fanficling Edit

Exactly what it sounds like, a changeling devoted to fanfics with totally-not-based-on-real-ponies-or-lings characters. His biggest hits are "Knight of the Hive"(Starring NOT-Shining Armor and NOT-Chrysalis) and Lamentation of the mind(Starring NOT-32 and NOT-Twilight)

Gambling Edit

The one stop shop in the Hive for all things gambling!

Changeling 471 Edit

A one note character who's gag is that she was obsessed with shiny surfaces.

Changeling 17 Edit

Rarely seen changeling who's main gag is doing regrettable things and then forcing others to take the blame.

Changeling 14 Edit

Almost Never-seen changeling who's gag is that he's a seduction based infiltrator like 007 used to be, only... he always ended up with Stallions.

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