He's got dreams of stardom! He's got aspirations to go to the sky! He's got... a bunch of mechanical parts?

A diamond Dog who made the mistake of signing up for something he couldn't read and found himself a part of the experiments of the recently exiled Prince Blueblood, who was attempting to make cyborg soldiers. After getting his control back, he set out into the world, and is now seeking a place in it. Recently, he agreed to be the bodyguard for the resident kelpto-morlock, Vekir.

Story Edit

Before Edit

After agreeing to a bunch of experiments to get some fast cash, the Diamond Dog(who's real name is unknown) was tinkered and tampered with, adding in several robotic parts to his frame and completely taking away his free will. Now just a puppet, he was forced into missions for Prince Blueblood

Leadup to the invasion! Edit

He attempted to kidnap Applebloom, but was thwarted by Diamond Tiara with help by 56, and was subsequently shot by a shotgun.

Assault on the airship! Edit

Twilight personally fought him on the airship, and after a bit of tinkering restored his free will, causing him to run off.

Chitania! Edit

Taking a job as a bell ringer, he tried to warn the citizens in time to get out of the way... didn't work.

Cordyceps! Edit

He met up with a young orphan foal named Gold Standard and tried to protect him from the Cordy with the hopes of making a ... didn't work.

Drinks! Edit

He spent several days drinking with the now-jobless Spitfire. After drinking himself silly one day, a misunderstanding by an overly technical barkeep made the both of them think the other didn't exist.

Currently! Edit

With the promise of being repaired by Twilight, he's agreed to be the bodyguard for Vekir.

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