One of Fluttershy's more prominent animal companions, he serves as a Ponyville guard working under Changeling 77. He can't talk, but 77 understands him well enough.


+Thread 257+Edit

[1] Changeling #77 thanks Changeling #88 for coming along with him and Harry as backup. 88 asks why he needs her when he has a bear on his side. Harry makes bear noises, but 77 claims 88 can't understand the bear. Following some accusatory bear noises, 77 then claims he's not lying. Moving on, 88 asks what happened and 77 says they have many questions, such as "why we had to stop and get coffee on the way to a crime scene." 88 says she wanted some so she could "punctuate the moment" and takes an audible *Sip*. Harry makes bear noises and she tells him to get his own coffee. 77 tells her to just put it down if they need to tackle someone since their magic won't be enough. This piques her interest, but he says it won't stay that way. At that moment, Berry Punch throws up, causing 88 and Harry to recoil in disgust. "Oh dear love it’s everywhere!" 77 maintains composure and declares Berry Punch "under arrest for starting a bar fight!" 88 makes a tired remark and punctuates it with another *Sip*. Berry claims that starting a fight doesn't sound like her, but remembers that someone punched her in the face. "Shit, I did start a fight." 88 calls it an "open and shut case" and takes another *Sip*, but 77 does a double-take and asks why someone punched her in the face. Berry thinks on it and remarks that it was pretty odd and that there didn't seem to be a reason. 88 tries to punctuate another cliche sentence, but runs out of coffee. Harry wants some, too, but she's not about to give him a freebie with no cash. With a hint of sarcasm, 77 states he's glad she's helping out.

[2] Exasperated, Cheerilee tells Changeling #77 that Harry has been sitting in the corner for hours. After repeatedly asking what she did, Cheerilee admits she said "the B word". Disappointed she said that, 77 tries to convinve Harry that she's trying and that she's not a bigot. Harry, in bear gibberish, asks if she'll prove it by kissing him. 77 flatly rejects the idea, saying there are better ways to prove she's not a bigot, but Harry says something that sets him off and the two get into a tussle. Cheerilee shrugs, saying she's in the clear at least.

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