Fucking holes!

Keep dreaming buddy, you chase those dreams.

The Changeling with a  dream, a dream... to juggle! It is his one drive in life and his one special ability. There is only one problem.


He found a friend in a juggle enthusiat guard from Canterlot named Actarius, and the two have been close ever since.


Primarily a side-character in the "Random Changeling Antics", he has been absent from anything major. Recently, he has been spending a lot of time with Actarius, who is "NOT HIS COLTFRIEND!" as the guard is a fellow who likes the art of the juggling, and unicorn juggling does nothing for him.

Thread 257 Edit

  1. Actarius asks a griffon where they got a giant tree from, but also asks a bunch of questions on top of that, confusing the griffon. Jugglejack just asks "WHY TREE?!", which is good enough as the griffon responds: "Oh! Cause it was in the way and they didn’t want it, but we wanted a house. Neat huh? Had to shake the stuff out of it first, there were bugs in there we didn’t want to eat." It all makes sense now. Sometimes, as JJ says, you just need to speak the language, with Actarius saying that's why he brings him along, "Blend right in, you do."

Thread 261 Edit

  1. Actarius and Jugglejack reminisce on the year.
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