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It took over a hundred threads, several years and a lot of planning, and she's just getting started.

Lightning Dust is a member of the Wonderbolts, and a flying ace if ever there was one.  She's also an insufferable jerk, but she's a jerk who plays by the rules that Rainbow Dash laid down when she became Captain of the Wonderbolts, so it's the good kind of jerk.  Or at least, that's how it seemed.

In a shocking twist, after years of buildup, she made her move and officially ousted Dash from the Wonderbolts, taking the top spot of the legendary team for herself! Now captain of Equestria's elite fliers, she'd do anything to keep her position.



Thread 257[]

[1] The scene opens to Lightning Dust eyeing Scootaloo, her sole recruit and most powerful ally against the backstabbers that would see her ousted. She asks the filly what her plan is, to which Scootaloo replies that they need to make the saboteurs fire off their plans prematurely. To do this, she says Lightning Dust must go out in public more. And do random things. Not feeling the whole "public" part, but up for randomness, LD slams her face on the desk (bloodying it, unbeknownst to her) and asks what to do next.

Scootaloo clarifies that she meant to do random things outside, but quickly stops LD from getting up and further clarifies that she means to go to random places to build up her public image and make it harder to get a bead on her. LD is interested, stating that they can't shoot her if she does that. Scootaloo points out that they probably won't do that, but it'll make it more difficult to frame her at least. LD likes this and praises Scootaloo with words and petting, which cause the filly's leg to start kicking in joy. "Oh yeah, that's the good stuff." LD sees this relationship working out.