The former Mayor of Ponyville, she serves as a Ghostbuster (alongside Trixie, Zecora, AJ29, and Sombra) bringing peace to various spirits.


Thread 261

  1. Mayor Mare and Trixie try to look beyond AJ29's desire to bed Shining Armor. The Changeling makes it hard, though.
  2. While cooking for his friends, AJ29 is struck with a thought. Mayor Mare and Zecora ask him what’s wrong, with Trixie saying he probably fried his brain. AJ56 insists it has something to do with everyone ignoring his (AJ56’s) suggestion to put cookie dough in the oven, but Changeling 32 projects his feelings onto AJ29 and suggests that he’s thinking about doing something unfashionable for having been seated next to a child by a “monster”. Sombra takes offense to this, saying that he’s older than most ponies in existence. Changeling 32 tries to clarify, but drops it. After thinking on it, AJ29 simply says that he’s happy. Everyone smiles at this. Everyone except Trixie, who asks if he poisoned the food.
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