Mecha Chitania

Her next target sighted, their hopes... deleted.

Mecha Chitania is the result of over a hundred threads of work by the resident corporate antagonist, Pennydrop. After Antlers, a familiar face working in Stalliongrad, acquired an unusual material out in the barren snow, she was able to finally construct her Mechanical Titan and take Queen Chitania on at full size, and even claim victory after a massive country shaping bout! Armed to the teeth with weaponry, able to go down to the size of an alicorn or so tall she dwarfs a castle, and with the power of months of love fueling her mysterious power cells, this ultimate machine may very well be just what Pennydrop needs to take on the Princesses.

And win.



She can grow or shrink in size, without losing any durability, and gaining more as she increases

Heavy weapons

Missiles, lasers and powerful blasts abound

Electro blade

Strong enough to cut through Chitania's armor, it's a deadly addition to her arsenal.