Also known as Dazey. She is a Staff Sergeant ranked earth pony of Canterlot's Royal Guard. She's usually flanked by two patrol bots: G1 (Gladious) and D0 (Disco). Serves under Lieutenant Vermillion alongside Miles Delight.


Thread 261Edit

  1. Delight is getting hauled away from his office by the peacetrotters under Dazey’s command, an action he says is unnecessary because he  would have gone willingly. Dazey says she didn’t want to risk him running away since Princess Applejack wants to see him, but he points out he didn’t run away when she kicked in his door and sicced her “clunkers” on him. She threatens to kick his face in if he keeps talking, but he fires back by saying she’s not tall enough to reach that high. At that, she commands G1 and D0 to engage Anti-Chucklehead Protocols, which is basically just them shaking Delight/vibrating at uncomfortably high frequencies as they hold onto him.
  2. Dazey announces to Applejack that she and her peactrotters have captured Delight, which prompts AJ to ask if Delight was trying to run away. He says he wasn’t but Dazey adds that they couldn’t risk him trying, which prompts him to add that he let them capture him in the first place. AJ subtly implies that she only wanted Dazey to tell him to go see her, saying that she didn’t need to trouble herself with actually bringing him to her, and dismisses her and her Peacetrotters from the room. Dazey leaves with some reluctance and her peacetrotters (G1 and D0) follow after her.
  3. Bronze Pommel asks Dazey if she rented her Peacetrotters just to do things like manhandle Delight. She tells him she didn’t technically rent them out and that they’re under her command and do what she tells them. He says that’s not good use of Equestrian property, prompting her to fire back that they’re not property, but beings with rights. Just kidding! Pommel pleads for her to not confirm her fears of a robot uprising before he dies, which leads her to say that all they need to do is switch them off then on to fix that. He says that’s how you fix a toaster, which is drastically different from a robot, but grows quiet when a piece of toast pops out of her peacetrotter. With her point proven, she munches on the toast and Pommel tells her to stop using her peacetrotters as robo-enforcers. “NEVER!” she declares.
  4. On his to his office, Delight runs into Dazey, who asks why he’s leaving so early. He avoids answering the question, choosing to banter with her, which leads to her stomping off after assuming he got suspended.


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