There's a lotta strange creatures running around the land of Princess Applejack, and this number right here is to catalog them all!

Giant Monsters Edit


Centitrain Edit

A centipede as big as a dragon that spits electricity and is covered from head to sharp pointy horrible tip of their toes in armor, which contains their electrical powers and focuses it. For what purpose was this crime against nature made? To be a source of transportation, obviously

There's a few bugs(Pardon the pun) with the idea in the form of lack of cars... or safety harness of any kind.. or even proper precautions against electricity. But hey, if the tracks are ever broken, problem solved!

It's also a girl.

Crab-City Edit

Encountered on Pommel's adventure, it's literally what it says on the box. A crab that holds a gigantic city on it's back as it flows through the oceans.

It also has a squid-face because of horrible abomination

Cordyceps Shroom Edit

A gigantic mushroom that towered over all of Canterlot, and if need be can split it's cap open to reveal rows of very sharp teeth.

Because the tendrils, bombs and and tentacles weren't enough.

MR Popcorn Edit

The beloved popcorn maker of Chitania was warped during Partyland's finale, brought to life before taking over the various rides on the floating city and forming a giant mech to destroy the place!

Large monsters Edit

Wolf-Tiger-HYBRID Edit

Discovered in the science lair during 12's rescue, It's a HYBRID, not a monster, get it right.

Also, it's actually someone's wife who wanted her scientist husband to make her a tiger-wolf thing, and he said okay...

Healthy marriage, those two.

Infected Edit

Cordyceps infected are ponies, griffons, diamond dogs or whatever who were taken over by the spores. They sport nifty red spires coming out of their skin and are now several times stronger.

Also, they instantly regenerate from any wound, so... yeah.

City-Crawlers Edit

Fish-monster mutants encountered on the city of gold during Pommel's adventure. Once upon a time, they were earth ponies... not so much now.

Harpies Edit

Exactly what it says on the tin. Except these ones used to be pegasi before they were warped by the same magic that made the City-Crawlers.


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