From right to left, Rekulk, Vekir and Grehehm

The underground race living within the depths of Canterlot Mountain, far beneath the surface. Though their world is harsh and surprisingly dangerous, they have a strangely cheery spirit among them that they're happy to tell you in their broken and odd way of speaking.

Named membersEdit


32's protoge and current 'leader' of the morlocks, serving under the 'head of metal'.


Ambassador for the Morlocks, an esteemed title won after many an attempt with princess Celestia.


The brutish 'muscle' of the group, and Rekulks brother in law.


Likely the smartest morlock  alive thanks to his odd quirk. He is the only one thus far that's revealed to have a perfect photographic memory, he can remember anything he sees perfectly and never forget what he saw.


The brutal, horrible monster of a ruler that reigned before 32 arried, and was subsequently killed in the ensuing fight.

Honorary memebersEdit


The previous 'cheif' and current leader in name only, known to the Morlocks as Zhetri Thul.

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