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This is what she looks like when she interviews ponies in their dreams... nobody questions it.

The Premier Party Pony of the world over! This Ponka-tastic party animal has expanded quite a bit since her Ponyville days. Always happy for a party, sure! But more than that she's invested in all sorts of other Entertainment ventures, such as the massive floating, yes, floating amusement part, Partyland!

... That one didn't go so well.

But never one to stay down, she kept going and now has her own Party Pony Productions, dedicated to bringing media based fun and joy to the citizens of Equestria and the world over! Will her budding empire bloom into a magical party unlike any other? Only one way to find out!


Thread 257[]

  1. [OOCO?] She comes to Rainbow Dash, saying that she needs a gay friend. Dash does her usual "I'm Straight" screaming, but Pinkie says she doesn't need her, just a gay one in general. Confused, Dash asks why and Pinkie explains that there's a parade, but she can't be on a float without a gay friend she's supporting. She gets pretty hysterical about it and asks Dash if she knows the pain of what it's like to not be allowed to join a party. Dash offers her a solution: "You know, you could just say you're gay. I don't think they'll, like, check." Pinkie thinks this idea is stupid and that Dash is stupid. After bopping Dash, she exclaims that she needs to find a gay friend before midnight "or they'll turn back into a pumpkin!" Dash points out that that's misapplication of the "Cloperella" story, but Pinkie leaves mid-sentence. Alone, the pegasus grumbles that she won't lend Pinkie her "secret book," which presumably contains a list of gay ponies/creatures.
  2. Horrified, she asks Diamond Tiara "What have we created?" "Something horrible," DT says, which seems to relieve Pinkie a bit since the filly acknowledges that "this" is a problem. DT asks what they were thinking, with Pinkie saying that the song "Smile Bomb" got stuck in her head and things spiraled from there. DT repeats herself again and again, louder and more hysterical, with Pinkie breaking down with guilt as she finally reveals the fact that they "made a giant bomb filled with glitter! It’s just a bomb DT!" and hysterically claims they're both monsters. Well, she tries to. DT interrupts her by happily attaching something to the bomb, "There! We almost forgot the stabilizer dorsal fin. That thing could have gone off target without it! Whew! We’ve got to be more careful about this!" Needless to say, Pinkie is a little dumbfounded.
  3. [Q] "I’m sorry! I don’t know why we made a giant bomb filled with glitter! It’s just a bomb DT! We didn’t do anything but make a boooommbbb! We’re mon-"
  4. [CD] As a followup to AUJ and Celestia's conversation which led to the rubber ducky "causing" explosions, Pinkie Pie and Diamond Tiara are somewhere in the distance when their glitter bomb goes off. "Oh dear Faust the glitter is everywhere," Pinkie Pie exclaims, "In every place! Every! Place!" DT points out that being nude has come back to bite them.
  5. Pinkie Pie managed to guide Diamond Tiara (much to the filly's constant grumbling) to turn the glitter bomb into a harmless sparkle bomb. With their creation complete, Pinkie flips the switch and the bomb is launched far away. Later, it explodes on Rainbow Dash, covering her in sparkles. +She has no question where it came from.+
  6. [Q] "All we have to do now is push this button, and the sparkles should fire in the correct area and not carpet bomb happiness into ponies."

Thread 261[]

  1. Pinkie Pie heads back to the in-progress Partyland near the Crystal Empire and apologizes to her workers for being gone due to being brainwashed into forgetting about Shining Armor. She also reveals that they haven’t actually been getting paid for however long they’ve been working there since the brainwashing happened. They’re not really happy about that.
  2. One of Pinkie Pie’s Partyland workers questions why the Crystal Empire spends more money on Partyland than it does helping anyone in the immediate vicinity. Pinkie’s response is to bring in Discord for a camera wink.
  3. [CD] Applejack nods to herself about how earth ponies have to change diapers with hooves and their mouth. Pinkie Pie just stares at her, with Pennydrop popping up to advertise her telekinetic infusions.
  4. Spike asks if he can be a part of Partyland. Pinkie Pie sincerely says he can be a jester since he looks like the kind of guy ponies can laugh at. He says he’ll take her words at face value, which she’s happy for since she doesn’t want to get called racist again. Spike wonders if he can use this to his advantage and tests it on a Canterlot pony (that gets startled by his presence) to extort money.
  5. Pinkie Pie is in a frenzy trying to get people ready for something (the 5 Year Anniversary). Spike asks if it’s for Partyland, but her response is non-commital.
  6. Pinkie Pie reminds Rainbow Dash that they both got blown up this past year, while Fluttershy recounts the fact that Discord goot eaten by “god”.
  7. Rainbow Dash finds it weird that she and Pinkie Pie have nothing going on while everyone else seems to. Pinkie remains silent, which clues Rainbow Dash into the fact that she does have something going on. She gets grumpy over that.

Late Night Pinkie Pie[]

Along the way, she got her very own Non-Canon side story, with hundreds of stories within it! Late at night, while everyone is asleep, she pulls them in from her dreams and interviews friends, family and foes! There's big laughs, fights and even arcs, yes, arcs in this, because Pinkie doesn't do this halfway!

Just because everyone's asleep, doesn't mean she has to quit! The party never stops with Pinkie Pie!

Check out the visual novel test, hopefully the start of something bigger to come!