Everyone keeps saying she needs an intervention, but it's just a potato, man...

Potatojack, or PJ for short, is a spud loving survivalist with a love for her pully system and an even bigger love for flying around on it. A member of the illustrious Gun Club, she spends most of her time training with Spike and crew.






  • She was originally loosely based off Sasha from Attack on Titan, and her gear is supposed to be reminiscent of the 3Dmanuver gear that character uses.
  • Her gear was made by Twilight in a once-Nc-but-merged-later story.
  • She is a member of the gun club, but NOT the A-team currently.
  • Her mother has been revealed to be named Pyrrharctia, and her special ability was being able to survive the cold to ridiculous degrees. Where most changelings slow down in the cold, she wouldn't even have been bothered being frozen.


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