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She craves Chocolate and Happy... try not to ask why.

Princess Cadence is the current ruler of the Crystal Empire.  She is married to Shining Armor and is renowned as the Princess of Love.  Her carefree attitude and airheadedness has resulted in a crumbling Empire brought back from the brink by her husband and various other helpers.

She can count to magenta.

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  • She has a problem where she mixes up numbers with colors. For instance, in place of 2 she says Blue.
  • She once was totally decieved by a Shining Armor doll with red hair, planted by the real one, and had a harrowing "Who do I shoot!?" moment with him and the real thing.
  • Recently it has been revealed that while she does not excell in any normal acadmenic field, she is the top authority on "Sparklejoule" research. Sparklejoules are the name givin to the measurement of energy Love produces. Likewise, they are measured in colors, not numbers.
  • She revealed that love is not an infinite resource. It is entirely possible to expend all Sparklejoules, which is why Shining Armor was phyiscally drained during the invasion with Chrysalis, and why she could recharge him with love.