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She feels like she's always going backwards for some reason.

The current-former-currently former Captain of the Wonderbolts who took the place of a sadly mismanaged orginization and tried to whip it back into shape with all her heart and soul and gave it her all!

Shes not the Captain anymore.


Thread 257[]

  1. [OOCO?] Pinkie Pie comes to Rainbow Dash and says that she needs a gay friend. Dash does her usual "I'm Straight" screaming, but Pinkie says she doesn't need her, just a gay one in general. Confused, Dash asks why and Pinkie explains that there's a parade, but she can't be on a float without a gay friend she's supporting. She gets pretty hysterical about it and asks Dash if she knows the pain of what it's like to not be allowed to join a party. Dash offers her a solution: "You know, you could just say you're gay. I don't think they'll, like, check." Pinkie thinks this idea is stupid and that Dash is stupid. After bopping Dash, she exclaims that she needs to find a gay friend before midnight "or they'll turn back into a pumpkin!" Dash points out that that's misapplication of the "Cloperella" story, but Pinkie leaves mid-sentence. Alone, the pegasus grumbles that she won't lend Pinkie her "secret book," which presumably contains a list of gay ponies/creatures.
  2. [CD?] Celestia asks Rainbow Dash if having sex with someone under five hundred makes her a cradle robber. Dash says it's not illegal. Celestia says that's not what she asked, but Dash just replies "'s not illegal."
  3. Pinkie Pie managed to guide Diamond Tiara (much to the filly's constant grumbling) to turn the glitter bomb into a harmless sparkle bomb. With their creation complete, Pinkie flips the switch and the bomb is launched far away. Later, it explodes on Rainbow Dash, covering her in sparkles. She doesn't question where it came from.

Thread 261[]

  1. Celestia goes around declaring several ponies at fault for one thing or another. Rainbow Dash is at fault for not being a Wonderbolt Captain, Changeling 41 is at fault for not punching Chitania, Bronze Pommel is at fault for a guard being out of step, and Fluttershy is at fault for knocking over some milk. It’s just a teensy bit petty.
  2. Pinkie Pie reminds Rainbow Dash that they both got blown up this past year, while Fluttershy recounts the fact that Discord got eaten by “god”.
  3. Rainbow Dash finds it weird that she and Pinkie Pie have nothing going on while everyone else seems to. Pinkie remains silent, which clues Rainbow Dash into the fact that she does have something going on. She gets grumpy over that.