He is grumpy because you gave him a bad deal. Shame on you

You wish to trade, yes?

He's come quite a long way from his humble beginnings as a horrifying creature lurking within the depths of Canterlot. Now, the Morlock has discovered the wonders of protective clothing to keep that villonous sun demon from melting his skin, and the amazing world of trading! You wish to trade for Rekulks goods, yes? Come come, much to see!


One of the few spared by 32 in the fights and soon to become his right hand Morlock, he eventually grew to wish to see the above world, and was the first to venture out. He now is obsessed with trading.

Thread 257 Edit

  1. [1] "Zhetri thul! I have muchly questions!" Changeling 32's fine with answering them, but Rekulk says he's doing it wrong by acting calm and that he needs to act as if he's about to die. 32 asks why and Rekulk tells him because he "witnessed princess Sisslesstia do it many a time, it must be customary!" 32 points out that that's probably just her, but Rekulk insists and just thinks he did it wrong. Rekulk clears his throat and says the golden words "Ah've gotta question-" A distant gunshot is heard, so he figures he did it right.
  2. [Q] "You are to be acting as if snapperjaw has suddenly closed around leg and venom is making into heart for slow dissolving of death!"

Thread 261 Edit

  1. Rekulk congratulates Applejack on Shining Armor being back.
Hallo, ponies, is Rekulk not smoothest for trades, yes?