12, the ever unlucky in finding a job changeling, found himself with, at last, a job of his own! Watching after the mental patient Screwloose, he eventually connected with her and decided to look after her. So, when Snake Eyes, under the order of Pennydrop, was to bring her to a remote, heavily fortified location, he went along with her. Using a neglectful act on Applejack's part, they used the post-Cordyceps confusion to sneak her out and board her on a train to the location.

After finding out, Applejack lied about the situation to try to keep it under wraps, and sent Jetset off to get information. But during interrogation, the location and what went on in said location was found out by 42. Chrysalis's reactions to her changeling being ushered of to a place that had terrible experimentation and was a mini fortress in it's own right was...

Not good.

So! With 42 taking charge, Applejack, The A-Team(Including 7) and The Elements of Harmony all gathered together to go rescue the wayward bug from his 'imprisonment'!

It'll be a piece of cake.

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  • The fallout of this arc was, for once, Chrysalis and Applejack being on equal terms.
  • This arc was concurrent with The Revenge of Variolus.
  • Unlike that one, it had a much lighter tone.
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