Is she smiling... shit.

Is she smiling!? OH CRAP WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE

Changelings. They're decrepit looking, they're frightening, and they steal the very love from your heart. Scary enough...

But then some of them decided they wanted to look like spiders.

Queen Sciderella was the uncontested most frightening of the Changeling Queens, not through great power or great magic but though the sadistic delight she took in what she did and who she hurt. She savored it as she tortured both Pony and Changeling alike, and nearly lead to their discovery over and over again, only to be saved at the last moment.

She was terrifying... and her daughter makes little bootsies.

Changelings are weird.

Personality Edit

She loved to create mazes, traps and all sorts of things to torture her victims while she drained them. While she very much enjoyed her various cruel acts, Sciderella had a distinct soft spot for her daughter, Arana who she loved and cared for unconditionally. On top of that, she considered Chitania, who saved her frequently and always answered her calls, her one real friend, and her madness was exacerbated immensely after the Titan's sealing, when she did not come to her call as she had before.

Powers Edit

Her external spider legs were grown through magic, but were otherwise very superficial. Likewise, she loved to weave magic into webbing as any would a spell book. With this webbing, she could place in mind control and explosives magics, which she used to great effect.

Her greatest mind controlling weave, which she used on the monsters who defended Arana, also had the negative side effect of slowly killing her.

Death Edit


Oh crap, is she crying!? Why is that so much worse than the first thing!?

e, though means unknown, was infected by the spore Cordyceps. It tried to take over her, gradually driving her to madness, but she remained uncontrolled. She hid Arana away in the catacombs beneath Canterlot, but it was too late for the rest of the hive who had also become infected. Faced with no other options and maddened to her very core, Sciderella devoured them. On the inside, they killed her. Queen Chrysalis witnessed all of this personally, and burned the body so nothing could remain.

But her legacy lived on, as while placing Arana in safety she left behind some spores of Cordyceps, which would later infect the drowning 88 and set off the Cordyceps invasion.

Trivia Edit

  • She was supposed to be a one off gag
  • Most of the changelings don't remember her, only ones who are confirmed to are Chrysalis, 18 and 29. In addition to Arana and Chitania, of course.
  • How she met Arana's father apparently involved a church burning down at some point.
    Sciderella colored

    She's the worst monster in changeling history. No, really, a real terror. Stop looking at her playing with her baby girl whom she snuggles every night, she's a demon I say!


    Do not let her smile fool you! She has death mazes! LITERAL death mazes! She built those! RUN!

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