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Time to wake up, little pony. The world is going to change, and you'll get a front row seat.

The mare of, well, less than respectable profession, her whole life turned upside down when Queen Chitania needed a source of food, and she was more than happy to provide. After a host of adventures, she eventually developed a real fondness for the Titan. And though she won't admit it, maybe it isn't as one-sided as it seems...

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  1. Back in her Baltimare hideout, Sunset is working on her portal when a sudden surge of magic activates it. Horrified, Sunset attempts to draw closer to it in an attempt to shut it down, but the wave of magic is too strong and she can barely move an inch as Sweet Note, Changeling 13, and/or Fizzle call for her to stop. Letting despair overtake her, she accepts that her work might be destroyed for good this time and doesn’t even look to see if it was when the surge finally subsides. Until a very familiar voice calls out her name, dispelling her despair. The voice (presumably belonging to Alter-Twilight)  states that Sunset doesn’t know her, but she knows Sunset and is a big fan of her work looking to engage in a collaboration. Feeling a gentle force take hold of her, Sunset looks into the mare’s eyes, eyes that held a burning drive that she knew she would follow before the mare even stated what her goal was: the end of Princess Applejack.