A long time ago, a Queen betrayed her sister, killed her friend, stole her greatest secret and drove forwards the events that lead to the genocide of two changeling hives. In this great battle, she had her head torn from her shoulders, and was forgotten to time.

...and now she's baaaaack.

Sunset Shimmer, though her need to learn more of the Changelings, accidentally revived the worst changeling Queen to ever grace our characters, Queen Variolus. But, things are not as they seem. Variolus claims she only wants to make right what went wrong, to make up just a little for the death and destruction she caused. She claims she only wishes to reunite Chitania, and someone thought long dead, but never forgotten. She claims she wishes to help.

It's just really hard to believe her when she grows to Titan size and starts wrecking the Crystal Empire, that's all.

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Trivia Edit

  • This arc revealed Chitania's daughter is still alive.
  • And it's 13.
  • This Arc ran concurrently with Saving Changeling 12
  • *Spoilers* Depending on which story preferred, come the end after her 'death', either Variolus was sent to Pony Heaven to live out eternity in a torment of being unable to hurt anyone there no matter how much they annoy her, or she was finally welcomed into the Hivemind.
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