A cloak and top hat wearing pegasus male that was dragged into helping deliver Flurry Heart. . An alchemist that moonlights as a magician. Speaks Spanish and is a bit of a lech. Apparently mentored Sunburst some time ago.


Thread 261Edit

  1. Shining Armor asks Tiempo about the time he spent with Two and Flurry Heart. Tiempo mentions that a bunch of guards were always with the three of them, which makes Shining feel better. When Shining asks if the girls missed him/were ok, Tiempo says Two was less cheerful and that he should talk to her later out of respect for her privacy. But when the subject moves to Flurry Heart, she appears and zaps both of them.
  2. Chrysalis thinks Flurry is cool and gives her sunglasses. Flurry just puts them on upside-down.
  3. Seeing this, Tiempo is incredulous that ponies call him creepy when Chrysalis exists. She remarks that he does hit on Spitfire a lot, but when he tries to fire back with the fact that Chrysalis mind-controlled and raped Shining Armor, she shushes him. Because the kids are around and she doesn’t want to explain what sex is. She claims she’d just laugh him off otherwise.

  4. Shining Armor asks Tiempo figured out how to make Flurry like them more. His answer? “Pain.”

  5. Sunburst reappears. Though Tiempo claims it’s been months since he’s been around, Sunburst points out that he’s only been gone for two days at most.

  6. Shining Armor is a little concerned that Flurry Heart might be sick since she’s firing blasts off without any point. He asks Cadence if they’re being a little negligent before wondering if Flurry’s diaper has been changed. Cadence panics for a moment before Tiempo reveals he changed her diaper, which she thinks is neat.

  7. Two forgot to warn Sunburst about the fact that Flurry Heart still eats ice cream pretty quickly, which led to her getting another brainfreeze and firing off her magic wildly again. Sunburst questions why Faust has allowed such cruelty in the world and asks Tiempo what they can do to calm her. He suggests time travel and tries to show Sunburst some of his theories, but the unicorn un-amusedly laughs him off and says it’s nonsense. He changes his tune, though, when Flurry causes a nearby explosion.

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